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Perfection is our motto

Most recently, Switch was named by Newsweek magazine as one of “America’s Most Responsible Companies,” reflecting our commitment to ESG, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Overall Corporate Citizenship.

Switch also scored the highest environmental rating on S&P Global’s ESG Indicator Report Card

and is the only company to achieve an E-1 rating amongst more than 70 other domestic Telecom and Data Center Companies.

Switch also received scores for Social (S-2) and Governance (G-2) which were among the highest in its peer group.

The company’s unique facility designs and renewable energy usage make it better positioned than its broader peer group and allow for better operational efficiency.

Since its founding, Switch has embraced a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion. Switch is also heavily invested in the health and well-being of its employees.

As part of the Switch ESG strategy, Switch has taken its commitment to physical health to the next level with the addition of our newest department, LIFE MUSE.

This health and wellness division was created by our founder and CEO Rob Roy and is under the guidance of Quinn Pauly, MD, FAAFP. This innovative corporate wellness and lifestyle platform incorporate the pillars of overall health, fitness, recovery, nutrition, meditation, mental well-being and professional development.